Deejay, producer & remixer for Ultra, Armada, Cr2, Subliminal and D:Vision.
Supported by Pete Tong, Tiesto, David Guetta, Edx, Nicky Romero, Danny Howard, R3hab.

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Vincenzo Callea is one of the best Italian producers very well known for his massive hits by Flanders, number one in the USA charts and for the biggest hits recorded with Ti.Pi.Cal.
He’s been producing records since ’91 and he sold around 300.000 singles being also part of more than 10 million compilations.
Without leaving his beloved Palermo, Sicily, but being himself very talented, he had the chance to remix Italian popstar hits as per example for Jovanotti and Adriano Celentano.





Human Phat “We are away from home” (Mind The Floor) REMIX
Hego feat. Yaya “Change” (Bang Rec) REMIX

Vincenzo Callea feat. Beth Hirsch “Protect You (Dvision)
Renovo feat. Steph B “Sunshine” (Netswork) REMIX

Chicco Secci & Fabio B “Crosses” (Dvision) REMIX
Miss Dag “Get Anywhere (New Music Int) REMIX

Vincenzo Callea vs William Naraine “Turn off the lights” (Cr2 – White25)
Asher Moodie vs Piparo & Tignino “I can’t get enough” (Time Rec) REMIX
Samuele Sartini feat. Amanda Wilson “Back Again” (DoItYourself) REMIX
TI.PI.CAL. feat. Darren Barley “Tomorrow” (DoItYourself)

Esteban Galo vs Vincenzo Callea & Luca Lento “Abballari” (White25)
William Naraine “Let the sunshine flow” (Shake) REMIX
Vincenzo Callea feat. Marco Chase “God can’t sleep when ur sad” (White25)
Ti.Pi.Cal feat. Josh “Could Be You” (DoItYourself)
Jerma “Belive in Love” (Cr2 – Shake) REMIX
Vincenzo Callea & Get Far feat. VDC “Tear Us Apart” (White25)

Ti.Pi.Cal. “Round and Around 2011” (LUP/New Music)
Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Josh “Stars” (DoItYourself/Universal)
Esteban Galo vs Vincenzo Callea & Luca Lento “Vucciria THE REMIXES” (White25)
Kim Sozzi “Little Bird” (ULTRA) REMIX
WeLove90 “Red Alert” (White25)
Paolo Ortelli vs Degree feat. Selina Stoane “You” (DoItYourself) REMIX
Klimmstein feat. Joe Summer “Paris Paris” (White25) REMIX
TC Ensemble “Up to you” (Time Rec) REMIX
WeLove90 vs Luca Lento “Short Dick Man (White25) REMIX

Nicola Fasano vs Ultra Nate “No Wasted Hearts” (Jolly Roger) REMIX
Luca Lento “The Cat Came Back” (White25 Rec) REMIX
WeLove90 vs Blast feat. VDC “Crazy Man 2010” (White25 Rec)
Loco Tribal “Kumaya” (Bang Rec) REMIX
Lanfranchi & Farina “Sun and Love” (Saifam) REMIX
2SomeOne “Star Unkind” (White25 Rec)
DJ CAL vs HJM “Girls don’t like electronic music 2010) (White25 Rec)
Alex Gaudino “I’m In Love” (Magnificent Rec) REMIX
WeLove90 vs Livin Joy “Don’t Stop Movin” (White25 Rec)
Esteban Galo vs Vincenzo Callea & Luca Lento “Vucciria” (White25 Rec)
WeLove90 vs Paul & Luke “A Depeer Love” (White25 Rec)
Esteban Galo vs Vincenzo Callea & Luca Lento “Vucciria (in little Italy)” (White25 Rec)
William Naraine “If i Could Fall” (Ultra – Armada) REMIX
Jovanotti “Tutto l’Amore che ho” (Universal/Soleluna) REMIX
Lost Daze feat. T.O.K. “ Jump Flex” (White25 Rec) REMIX

25St. feat. Martina Kaiser ‘Seduce me’ (White25 Rec)
Richard Grey vs Erick Morillo ‘Life Goes On’ (Subliminal) REMIX
WeLove90 feat. Jade ‘Right in the night’ (White25 Rec)
2SomeOne ‘Love Me” (White25 Rec)
Flanders “Time” (Ego Music)
Clou “Don’t Regret” (Jolly Roger)
Davide Loi “Life is Good” (HJM Rec) REMIX

Flanders ‘Behind’ (Ego Music)
Elezee ‘Underwater Love’ (Hysterical / Ego Music)
Thieboudu ‘Bilifinicuje’ (White25 Rec)
Lobo Guarà ‘Resta Aqui’ (White25 Rec) REMIX
Nicola Fasano vs Yoshimoto ‘Been a long time’ (Jolly Roger) REMIX
Lost Daze feat T.O.K. & BL ‘Jump Flex’ (White25 Rec) REMIX
Mattara ‘Send the Message’ (Move Rec) REMIX

Mandreucci ‘Freaky Situation’ (D-Verso / Ego Music)
Suite117 ‘Smaller’ (Yoshitoshi)
Mandreucci ‘Barber Shop Album (D-Verso / Ego Muisc)

Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘What i like’ (LUP / New Music)
Starchaser ‘Fate’ (Ego Music) REMIX
Wonderland Avenue ‘White Horse’ (Ego Music) REMIX
The Pot ‘Crazy Man’ (Rise / Time)
Cocobongo ‘Till the moon has gone’ (Reverse Records)
Omo ‘Victims’ (D-Verso / Ego Music)
Right Light ‘The Piano’ (Rise / Time) REMIX
D-Felice & D-Mess ‘Rodeo’ (Ego Music) REMIX
Callea & Rispoli vs Deflect ‘White Wings’ (Re-Vox)

DubZero ‘Move’ (Ego Music) REMIX
The Soundtracks ‘Beautiful Moon’ (Tambour / Melodica)
The Funky Friends ‘Special Cookye’ (BeSide)
Clam feat. VDC ‘Sexual Healing’ (Ego Music’)
KTF ‘All around the world’ (Rise / Time) REMIX
Bush II Bush ‘Piano track’ (Ego Music) REMIX
Starchaser ‘West and Girls’ (Ego Music) REMIX
Flanders ‘By My Side’ (Ego Music)
Clam feat. VDC ‘Rain’ (Ego Music)
DJ Cal vs 091 ‘Girls don’t like elctronic music’ (White Plus / Moda)

The other site ‘Be one’ (Clubbin / JT Company)
Love Beginners ‘First Time’ (Bull & Butcher / Fma)
Disco Surfers ‘Special Think’ (Clubbin / JT Company)
Club Junkies ‘What i feel’ (Reverse Records) REMIX
The Trees ‘Liquid sky’ (Bull & Butcher / Fma)
Orsolia ‘Chupalo Todo’ (Ego Music)
Cocobongo ‘Burning Sunshine’ (Reverse Records)
Mandreucci ‘ It’s Impressive’ (Motivo)
Slapback feat. Deva ‘She’ (Ego Music)
Love beginners ‘All i need’ (Bull & Butcher – Fma)

Sliced Pack ‘Live in Glasgow 2003’ (Sound Division / Molto)
Mama Club ‘ Reminder’ (Motivo)
The Trees ‘Let me come back’ (Bull & Butcher / Fma)
Junk Yard Dog ‘Riot’ (Rise / Time)
80 Lab’s ‘Disco Doll’ (Sound Division / Molto)
Jade ‘Air’ (Definitiva)
I-Q ‘Fly to Mars’ (Rise / Time) REMIX
Murk ‘All Right’ (Tommy Boy) REMIX
Each Pop True ‘La Discoteca’ (Time) REMIX
Granada ‘Superstar’ (Tommy Boy) REMIX

U.F.O. ‘The great Rise’ (Ultralab / Virgin)
Edge of Universe ‘Lifeforce’ (No Colors / Fma) REMIX
Sharon May Linn ‘Till the Daylight’ (Cosmonote) REMIX
Greengrocer ‘So Happy’ (Moda / Warner)
The Cop ‘Stand Up’ (Rise / Time)
Kreò ‘Burn for You’ (Rise / Time)
Sure Bet ‘The world goes around’ (Bull&Butcher / Fma)
Relationship ‘Mother Funker’ (Sound Division / Molto Rec)
Square ‘Beauty’ (Melodica)

Edge of Universe ‘Afterlife’ (No Colors / Fma) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Is this the love’ (Ultralab / Virgin)
Naive ‘Joy Is’ (Ultralab / Virgin)
Bamble B. ‘ Coming throught the light’ (.exe /Db One)
Vdc ‘Take the moon’ (Rise / Time)
DJ Pied Piper ‘Do you really like it’ (No Colors / Fma) REMIX
Sea Flower ‘Easy Livin’ (Viper / DB One)

Naive ‘ Welcome to paradise ‘ (V2)
Bamble B. ‘ Crime of passion ‘ (.exe /Db One)
Dexter ‘ I feel like Groovin rmx ‘ (Cosmonote) REMIX
Pooper Scooper ‘ The Lord ‘ (Epic / Sony)
Potatoes and Tomatoes ‘ Keep…’ (Nitelite / DIY)
The Magic House ‘ Turn me over ‘ (Nitelite / DIY)
Guaposan ‘El tren du carnaval ‘ (Meet /New Music)
Ac One ‘ Ring the bell ‘ (.exe /Db One) REMIX
Naive ‘Loking 4 Happiness ‘ (V2)
Knick Knack ‘Come Back ‘ (.exe / Db One)
Dorothea ‘ e-mail ‘ (No Colors / Fma)

Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Music is my life ‘ (LUP / New Music)
Misses Positive ‘ All night long ‘ (Rise / Time)
House Breacker ‘ Keep On ‘ (UMM / Media)
Kick ‘ Reaction ‘ (Nitelite / DIY)
Mousetrap ‘ I Wanna Feel ‘ (Rise / Time)
VDC ‘ The Dancer ‘ (Rise / Time)
Bombers ‘ Everybody’ (Rise / Time) REMIX
Conrad ‘Feel the Funk (Rise / Time) REMIX
Mousetrap ‘ Get Down ‘ (Rise / Time)
The Cop ‘Looking 4 U’ (Rise / Time)


Sheila Chandra ‘ Speakin Tongue 98 ‘ (Real World / Virgin) REMIX
Blackwood ‘Peace’ (A&D) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ Live for Today’ (LUP / New Music)
The 3 Angle ‘ I say yea’ (VCI / Virgin)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ Follow your heart ‘ (LUP / New Music)
Thinkin Heads ‘ Dance on 45 ‘ (Jt Company)
N-Info ‘For your listening pleasure’ (DBX /Jt Company)
The Cop ‘ The Cop ‘ (Rise / Time)

The 3 Angle ‘ Desire’ (UMM / Flying)
The Presence ‘ Tonight’ (Nitelite / DIY)
Everlasting ‘ Whishing’ (DIY)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ Hidden Passion’ (LUP / New Music)
S-Naked ‘ Message of love’ (UMM / Flying)
The Presence ‘ Wanna be the One’ (Nitelite / DIY)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ Live For Today ‘ (LUP / New Music)
Plan 5 ‘ Constant Boogie ‘ (Sunlite / Time) REMIX

The 3 Angle ‘ Away’ (W&W / Disco In)
Sandra Walters ‘ Move on’ (Drhom / Flying)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ It hurts ‘ Rmx (LUP / New Music)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Colourfoul’ Album (Lup / New Music / Emi)
Po.Si.Ti.Ve. ‘ Do What you … ‘ (LUP / New Music) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ Why Me’ (LUP / New Music)
The Presence ‘Forever on my mind’ (Entroterra/ Time)
Funky Company ‘ Rescue Me’ (UMD / Digit) REMIX
Kasto ‘ Gimme Love’ (UMM / Flying)

Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Round And Around’ Rmx (LUP / New Music)
Prophecy ‘I Keep calling you’ (Italyan Style / Time) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘The Colour inside’ (LUP / New Music)
Blast ‘ Sex & Infidelity’ (UMM / Flying) REMIX
Dana International ‘Qust que c’est’ (Impedance / Rithm) REMIX
S-Naked ‘ Now i now’ (UMM / Flying)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘The Colour Inside ‘ Rmx (LUP / New Music)
Adam ‘ Memories and Dream ‘ (Digit) REMIX
Indiana ‘ Togheter Again’ (Flying) REMIX
Adriano Celentano ‘ Pregherò ‘ (BMG) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘ It Hurts’ (LUP / New Music)

Swag ‘Temptation’ (Italyan Style / Time)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Illusion’ (LUP / New Music)
Vena ‘Obsession’ (LUP / New Music) REMIX
Joe Roberts ‘Lover’ (FFRR) REMIX
Entroterra ‘Village Story’ (P&P / New Music)
Black Machine ‘Jazz Machine’ (PLM / New Music) REMIX
20 Fingers ‘ Short dick man’ (Downtown / Time) REMIX
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘Round and Around’ (LUP / New Music

Power Fun ‘I Want’ (PLM / New Music)
Power Fun ‘I Want’ Rmx ( PLM / New Music)
Ti.Pi.Cal. ‘I Know’ (Meet / New Music)

Kabballeros ‘Aproeka’ (D&M)
Mary On ‘..ation’ (Palmares)
Shamal ‘Freedom Party’ (Palmares)

Vizo II ‘How ya’ll’ feel’ (Media)
Shamal ‘Shamal’ (UMM / Flying)